Leopard At The Salton Sea

My adventures in Joshua Tree were a blast. It was so nice to be out of LA even for just two days. We drove over to the Salton Sea because we heard rumors of amazing sunsets. While, we didn't get a great sunset, we still had fun.

Let me start of by saying that The Salton Sea is a bit weird. The "sea" is essentially toxic because of the fertilizer and salt run offs (damn, we treat our planet right *sarcasm*). The fish are dead and it smells similar to New Jersey marshlands. There are dead dried out fish on the sand. I am pretty sure that the "sand" is pulverized fish bones (from what I read). Still, you're surrounded by shrub, palm trees, and golden light which creates something kind of magical. It's like finding your first sign of light after the apocalypse. Once meant for a beach oasis destination in the desert to abandoned wasteland filled with silver lings. 

I wore a heavy sweater as it was very windy and after just wrapping a yoga flow, my Vie Active pants. I, like usual, had fun, just running around and letting my eternal inner child.