The Magic of Mornings

Mornings are magic to me. They allow me to sit with myself as I am. The day's blunders have yet to touch me. I’m vulnerable… Life has not set off the alarms for my defenses to be implemented yet. Sleep still flutters over my head, reminiscing of dreams that seem only vaguely familiar. This is my time to prepare myself for improvement, engagement, betterment of the self I knew yesterday. This is the time to set the stage for my hopes, desires and awaken to my dreams. 


Even if you're part of the crowd who find mornings unbearable, I encourage you to give the ' morning person' title a shot and see how it reshape a your day. Wake up at 6am, stretch, write, read, walk; anything and everything you have to neglect during the day, do now. Go to that early yoga class, start that book, take care of yourself. Your body and mind will thank you. Your energy will mold your day into something greater and sleep will come easy at night. 

As I said, mornings are magic. I can't explain the feeling of being alone in the early hours, but such is magic and is inherently indescribable. I highly encourage ( and will beg) you to try adding these hours to your day 🌞