Cushnie Et Ochs Takes a Village

Constantly finding new places to shoot, keeping all my different gigs going, and finding time for s social life can be hard.

This jumpsuit which I wore Saturday night was too amazing to not shoot. The trouble was fitting it into the rest of my day. Luckily, a friend lent me, what our friends call, The Cuddler, to be able to shoot this beauty on. It was kind of the perfect space for this 70's style, beaded, updated jumpsuit. Plus, the homey feel was a nice change. (Also, I threw out my back so it was nice not to stand during a shoot). 

It honestly just feels nice to have friends who lend a hand, are completely supportive, and even let me shoot in their space. Like anything else, bringing content every week, takes a village. I'm blessed to have a pretty great village (even if they whistle and make faces at me while I shoot :)  )

Let me know what you think of this piece. I love using a jumpsuit for a cocktail level event. It's the new cocktail dress and it's really empowering to wear. I think it's amazing though this is usually wayyyy more cleavage than I would normally show.