Travel Diaries: Monterey, California

As a kid my family took me to Monterey, California and while my biggest memory of the trip was having a panic attack and throwing up on the sidewalk, I loved the trip. It was my favorite place in California. I also remembered it was the only aquarium I liked and getting breakfast while watching the sea lions. 

California Honeymoon 307.JPG

We checked into our hotel in Monterey before heading out to explored the beach and pier, watched the sunset, and getting some dinner. I was pretty tired after a lot of driving but it was still a lovely evening. 

California Honeymoon 320.JPG

The beach was absolutely stunning and the golden hour was completely magically. It was a bit cool but nothing good kill the beauty of the moment. 

The pier was filled with restaurants and had a carnival vibe to it. I had a great time seeing all the things and people. I ended up with a caramel apple before watching a group of sleepy sea lions. Eventually, I headed out for a nice seafood dinner and drank at the hotel bar. The next morning, we had a lovely breakfast at the hotel before heading to the aquarium and Cannery Row.

I finished the trip with lunch on Cannery Row. I remember I found a gluten free beer and a gluten free fish and chips. I was pretty much sold. Nothing makes me happier than a pub meal. Over all the town was quaint and kind of romantic. It was touristy but still filled with local charm if you take the time to talk to people. Then it was to the open road of Highway One as I worked my way down to LA.