Birthdays Matter

This is pretty much like last year's birthday post because well, I liked it. I enjoy keeping with this theme. Each year, you get one year older. While one day doesn't do much difference, like a few days ago, I was 24 now I am 25, but a year does. Last year, I felt rather than learning many lessons, I had grown more foolish. This year, I feel as though being a pretty little fool taught me many lessons and led me to many places.I like to think I've kept my childish wonder while still having grown wiser.  While I still follow my heart, my passions, and let them lead me, I consider my future and consequences much more. It all still brings me to wonderful places but also, dark and scary ones. Each year, I become bolder and more sure of myself. Last year, I said that was a scary thought because I thought being too bold could be bad but now, I think, what a wonderful thing. 

In this last year I have been in multiple films/videos/shorts while making my own, realized that marriage is much harder than I knew how to handle without a lot of advice and communication, climb new mountains (literally), lost friends, gained friends, rediscovered parts of myself, lost other parts of myself, saw the desert for the first time, traveled to new places, continued to work on my two feature scripts, started a SHOE LINE (details coming soon), shot more ad campaigns since my first,  had about 7 different hair colors, had my heartbroken, had my heart opened again, did yoga, missed fashion weeks, met and collaborated with amazing artists, surfed, learned bi-coastal actually means exhausted, realized that we can endure much more than we think we can, realized that only I have to validate my choices, and done it all with love in my heart. 

About The Outfit: I wore a nautical style wide leg pant from Planet Blue, with a casual workout top from Lululemon. I really wanted to be comfortable as we were riding up to Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach is about 3 hours outside of LA. I wore a basic sandal and a vintage Chanel jacket. I liked playing off the buttons of the jacket with a vintage coin necklace. I tied my hair back out of both laziness and simplicity. 

Check out more pictures by clicking on the slideshow below: