Leading by The Tides

A good leader doesn't show fear or uncertainty. A good leader has an excellent plan prepared and a strong strategy for making it happen. Then again, maybe there is nothing wrong with showing fear and uncertainty. Maybe there is nothing wrong with developing a plan and a strategy as you go along. Maybe a good leader will be more trusted if their deepest feelings are revealed, and if their flexible about moving forward. 

I love going to the ocean. I love watching it move and watching the waves crash against shore. The ocean is strong but it's uncertain. It's powerful but unpredictable. That is part of the reason we love it. Part of the reason it calls to us is being it can be easily personified and therefore, something we can understand. 

We are strong in our own way. We are all powerful in our own way. Challenges will occur. Situations will happen. We will have opportunistic to push through strife and knowing that the most powerful way to lead through it is with truth. And the truth is, we all get scared. We all get lost or unsure. We all feel like there are times that we couldn't possibly continue. But we do. The more human we are, the more powerful we are. 

This look is kind of a classic nautical meets denim on denim with all menswear pieces. The shirt is my husband's from Buck Mason, the pants are boyfriend jeans, and the loafer are zara. The bag is a girl touch from Rebecca Minkoff.

Short after these photos the sky went from all this to below!