Silky Sleepwear and Other Snobby Rules Of Thumb

I don't think anyone would ever call me low maintenance. I know this. They know this. I actually rather enjoy it. For most gifts I'm given I pray have gift receipts, I am particular about what goes in and on my body (no sexual references intended). I am often very type A. So, I figured I'd air some high maintenance laundry with a few little rules I live by:

1.  Sleep surrounded by silky things. This chemise is from Victoria's Secret so it's obviously not real silk, but it's still easy on the skin and looks so elegant. You can still look sexy in faux silk.   

2. On this note, I have silk sheets and pillows. My brother brought home a bunch when he went the Bahrain and I've loved sleeping in silk sheets since then. Is it over the top? Maybe, but it prevents wrinkling of the skin and it's fun to slide around on them.

3. No elbows, wrists, and cellphones on the table during meetings, bigger dinners, and especially formal events. Dated? Sure, but I definitely believe in this rule. Keep your phone in your clutch or bag. If you need something, a picture, a text, then politely use it. But you don't need every notification lighting up the table. It interrupts conversations.

4. It's okay to mix and match bikinis but the important word is match! I don't know what it is, but there is something about bikinis that don't match that makes me feel like you can't keep your life in order. It is as if your life is in such disarray that you can't find two pieces that actually match each other. I have more sympathy when it comes to socks. Those little SOBs are hard to keep together

5. Don't be flaky. If you commit, go. If you say yes, do it. If another offer comes up, politely decline. You made plans. Stand by your word.

6. Do pay attention to dress code on invitations. I hate when I'm at a "Black Tie" party and someone shows up in what is clearly a cocktail dress. I think there are so many stylish and comfortable ways to still be Black Tie appropriate. There are jumpsuits, high low dresses, and appropriate short dresses.

7. Always send your thank you's. If you receive a gift, land a job interview, had an amazing evening at a party, always send a thank you letter, note, or even memo. It's just a small, gracious thing to show people how much you appreciate the effort they put in for you. 

8. Keep conversation flowing, especially if you are hosting something. You want to make sure there isn't a lag. One of my tips for this is to know your crowd. Depending on the crowd, I am mention a new yoga studio that opened, what critics think about Kim Kardashian's Selfish, an article I saw in the Arts and Leisure section of The New York Times, or what NASA has been up to. It's all about knowing who is in your crowd and what they will best engage with. No matter what, no awkward silences.

9. Know your limit. Slurring your words, throwing up on shoes, and inappropriately shouting is never a good look (especially if at a work event). Know and get comfortable with your alcohol limit, then get comfortable with saying no. I hate shots. I never do shots. When someone insists on buying me one, it stays on the table. Don't feel like you have to take it just because some jackass didn't listen to you when you said no. 

10. Have a bad habit. You're a lady or gentleman. Not a saint. Mine is definitely cursing. It may be crass but I don't really care. I need that extra emphasis sometimes. 


Somehow this turned into a modern etiquette guide featuring a few of my pet peeves. I hope it has shown a bit about me that you probably didn't know. Truthfully, I'm a bit embarrassed by how high maintenance I can be, but what can I say? I am who I am.