Space For Self & Osman

Sometimes I wonder if we forget how much magic we make on our own. I'm pretty outgoing and always willing to try anything once but I actually really enjoy being alone. Maybe it's because I have an over developed sense of imagination or because other people tend to deplete my energy.

I feel like so often I'm celebrating romantic love with is really a source that I could write a thousand poems and posts about or I'm celebrating friendship which again is a glimmer of sunshine that brings inspiration to my life. But can't we celebrate being and sitting alone. 

I like reading a book. I like drinking tea. I like laying in the sun or hiding inside from the clouds. I like the quiet. I like having to explore what the creek on the other side of the house is with a knife in hand and no back-up. I like to wear just my undies and a tee shirt with no worries about my exposure or if maybe my thighs are a little less tone. I like to drink a coffee without having to do more than my basic pleasantries. I like to be able to not have to make conversation at times. 

I feel like I create my bubble and within my bubble, the whole world is mine and anything is possible. My bubble gives me space to create without conflict or criticism. My bubble lets me hatch new ideas without worrying what people think. I think it's important that we all create this space for ourselves.

This is also where I spent my time outfit planning or deciding on new content. 

Gown: OSMAN  Shoes: Zara Bag: Vintage from Berdorf Goodman via my grandma Necklace: The Neshama Project