We Are So Much

I wasn't very inspired when shooting this particular outfit. Of course, I love it. This Missoni romper is one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn. I didn't add any accessories other than what is already tattooed on my body. One thing that I did see though, were the sides of me. 


Inside all of us live so many people or rather so many sides of one person. Obviously, we all know we can't be happy all the time. But it's amazing the personas or characters we take on during the day.

 There is a a Ram Dass quote along the lines of "part of human interaction is reassuring each other that we have our masks on straight."

Throughout this post, my mask changes so many times. A 70's California dream to a sensual woman at home to a joyful spirit to a sad woman alone.

We are so many things. Everyday we choose what we decide to show.  


I think the most important thing is to choose a life with the freedom to be who ever you wish to be. 

You define yourself and that is a choice that you get to make every single day. 

SO DO IT. Because we weren't always lucky enough to have these choices.


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