The 5 Stages of Being Sick

I really hate being sick and right now, I have a case of strep (possibly mono) that is kicking my ass. Being sick made me realize that I actually tend to treat it to something similar to death. I literally process the idea of bed rest as a certain kind of death. A death to my schedule, energy, and ability to get work done. 

Stage 1: Denial - I'm not sick. See, look. I'm out of bed, making funny Snapchats, I stopped at Sephora, I shot for this dear old blog, and I went to yoga. I mean, sure I had to spend the last 45 minutes in child's pose because I was so dizzy but I went to yoga. So clearly, I can't really be that sick.

Stage 2: Anger- Why do I feel like shit? I just want to eat my dinner without it hurting to swallow! I  want to go play with my friends but I'm so damn tired. Why is my face so swollen? I just want my eyes to look normal. This fucking sucks. I don't want to stay in bed it's so sunny. This is utter bullshit.

Stage 3: Bargaining- Please God, just make me feel better because being sick really sucks and I really like having fun with friends. Plus, I have so much work to do. Okay, what if I lay in bed until like 11 then you give me the energy to go surf with friends! No? I think that's pretty fair.

Stage 4: Depression - Life sucks. Why do I always have to be sick? What did I do to deserve this? Where is everyone? Why won't anyone keep me company? I'd get your germs for you. Wow. Nothing makes you feel more alone in life then being sick and contagious. 

Stage 5: Acceptance - Okay, fine. I feel like shit. I'll stay home. I'll contain my germs. I'll watch Netflix until I feel better. SO, me and this lazy Sunday outfit of the day will just stay in bed and rest. Because, DAMN IT, I am sick. 

So, maybe me being sick isn't the most fun of an update. But that's what I got for ya.'ll