Make your own laughs

I don't have much to say. I don't even have anything that inspiring but what I wish I could preach to the whole wide world is that you have to make your laughs. Be true to who you are. Don't be serious because you feel you need to be. Don't be so serious that you forget to laugh. Don't be so focused that you don't see the golden light that surrounds every moment. It's not always easy to see but everything really is a learning experience. So, even if all you take out of it is knowledge, then you made the right choice. 

I had fun putting back some of my clothing and accessories from when I was a bit younger. I was a little more gritty NYC, a little less refined. I put it on now and it felt almost foreign to me. But it always reminded me that I used to take things less seriously. I used to be less afraid. I used to be sillier. So that's the mission. 

I'm not wearing any make-up in this post. I didn't do my hair. I'm literally just being my silly self and rather than focusing on insecurities, I'm laughing.