Take Formal to Casual

Girls buy a new gown/dress for almost every event then we almost never wear them again. It's silly and I don't know why we do it. Maybe because we can. Maybe because we don't want people to think we're unable to buy something new for ourselves. Or maybe we just love the feeling of something new.

But what happens when your closet is packed with formal wear and you don't know what to do with it? You could sell it. But wait, that's the one you wore to that destination wedding where your friend stayed up till sunrise. You could donate it! No, not this one, that's the one you wore to that gala and you met your boyfriend. Oh, you can give it to a friend and then borrow it back if you need it? Wait, actually she borrowed your sequin dress for New Year's and she still hasn't given it back. Also, you got a little drunk the night you wore this one, everything after cutting the cake is a blur and you know you woke up outside your hotel room door but not in your hotel room so there may be something on it. And I know, it breaks your heart to shorten it.

Well, here's an idea. Wear it as a maxi or a midi, like I did with my Osman gown. Originally, I wore it to an event like this. But I hated the idea of it just hanging in my closet so I turned it into a casual street wear midi skirt look. No alterations, no giving it away, no tears, no lost memories. It's still alive and well. In fact, I think it's happy hanging in it's new home, now that it gets more use. 

Dress: Osman Shoes: Vans Shirt: Buck Mason Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Jacket: Principessa