Style Profile Never Done

So, I was sending a new friend/acquaintance who is doing some really interesting things with fashion a style profile when I realized, I never have answered this questions myself on the blog. So, I figured, I'd do it. 

What is your style motto?

Classic, Feminine, Edgy, Balanced

What experiences in your life have impacted your personal style?

I think my body type really effects my style. I'm really sensitive about fit because I am an hourglass and if things are hugging in the right places. As far as influence, as an actress, film and old film actress have always inspired me.

I think watching my grandmother get ready as a child was big as well. It dressing area was covered with mirrors and vanity lights. Every perfume had it's glass bottle and she always wore this red-orange lipstick. Everything was always so put together and classic.

Do you have a style icon or anyone's style you rely admire?

I would say, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn. As far as present day, I really admire Miroslava Duma for her creativity to put complicated things together and make it look so simple. I love Blake Lively, Diane Kruger, Miranda Kerr, and even at times, Kim Kardashian. 

What piece can you not live without?

I would say, a great dress. Something that you can throw on with flats and then dress up with heels.  Dresses make dressing so much faster. 

What is a trend you've been excited to wear lately?

I would say sets. I love a good crop top with a matching skirt especially in a good print. It's strange nod to both the 50's and the 90's.

IMG_3533 copy.jpg

What's a perfect date outfit for you?

Depends on the day. Does he have a motorcycle? Cause then definitely jeans, booties, and a nice top, maybe a sheer black top with a fancy bra. If not, then a casual dress with booties. I like to be surprised on dates so I always want something casual enough for a movie but fancy enough for an expensive restaurant. Most importantly, always, always, comfortable. 

What is a perfect night out with the girls outfit?

This is really whatever I feel that day. My style really changes based on my current influences. For me right now, I love a leather legging with a blouse and a great pair of heels or gladiator high knee heels with a romper. Oh, and jumpsuits.

Lastly, what are a few brands you really follow or love to wear? 

Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Marchesa, Chanel, Valentino Balmain, Balenciaga but also, For Love and Lemons, Stone Cold Fox, The Row, Elizabeth and James, Iro, J. Brand, Rag & Bone and SO many more.