The Danger of Sharing Cups

I swear, I've been the most boring in terms of kissing and my love life for a long time. But what happens when all your friends share the same glasses or have spoon fights over the last bits of Salted Caramel gelato? 

Well, I will tell you! You are giving each other germs and unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to me. It started out with a friend with a scratchy throat and before I knew it, she was sending me, "Please just let me die" texts.

Then two weeks later, I was defeated. I am stuck on some serious bed rest with steroids, tea, and herbal remedies being pumped through my system. It's true. I have mono.

I don't know how I managed to avoid it all through high school then get saddled with it at 25 but I did. My point, however, is please expect less frequent blogging as I aim my focus on getting better than working.

Pants: Victoria's Secret Shirt: H&M mens Sweater: Banana Republic