Along The Eastside with Blue Skies

My first full day back in NYC was, in fact, a very full day. It started with waking up in our hotel, getting ready, and going straight to the East Village. Will and I both lived on the east side for a long time and loved it. While, Caley was doing her Dharma Mittra teacher training (which you can read about on her site.) She lived in the East Village specifically. 

So, we took the subway down to 1st and 14th and started to mosey. First stop, Tulu's Gluten Free bakery for a sweet snack to carry and munch on all day. From there, we went down and waited in the dreaded line at Tompkin Square bagels. It was so worth the wait. Not only do they have gluten free bagels but outside of the gluten free variety, they have so many different types of bagels and about 15 different kinds of cream cheese. Of course, I embrace my NY Jew and order a gluten free everything with creme cheese, lox, tomato and onion. 

We sat and ate in Tompkins Square park where we discovered the Bill of Right's written in chalk on the walkway. I love NYC for it's constant expression or statement of something bigger than oneself. We sat on a park bench watching people walk by or play chess or argue or pull their playing dogs away from each other. It made me think of when Branson was younger and we used to take him to the dog park there. 

We walked down to the Lower East Side where I showed Caley my favorite shops and all the store owners who shout, "Special price for you" as you walk by. We took photos in front street art. We ended up at Dudley's, our old neighborhood restaurant to see how everything and nothing changed.  

After this, we ventured to NoHo, where we found some quiet moments at The Elizabeth Street Garden with an old friend from college. We browsed through different shops until our feet started to ache (because let's face it, I didn't break in my new sandals).

Outfit: Zara Sunglasses: A cheap find in Noho about 2 years ago Sandals: A hand-me-down from Caitlin