Cooking with Couturedon Bleu - Unconventional Avocado Toast

Cooking with Couturedon Bleu - Unconventional Avocado Toast

Look. I know avocado toast is nothing new. It's had it's moment in the sun and is now a breakfast staple for hard-charging New York Lawyers, gluten-free super-vegan Cali girls and everyone in between. So while it may be played out, I wanted to share my first encounter with avocado toast and my personal recipe that I make at least once a week.

I first had avocado toast in NYC a few years ago at Cafe Gitane, one of my go-to breakfast places in Nolita. A woman next to me ordered it, and shortly thereafter a sumptuous piece of hearty bread topped with mashed avocado and chili flakes arrived. For the entire meal I couldn't stop looking over and coveting her order. 

After that encouter, I started seeing avocado toast on menus everywhere. The restaurant below my apartment, Dudley's, began serving one. My local juice place, the Butcher's Daughter, started making a variation with toasted mustard seeds. While all three have different and delicious takes on avocado toast, today I wanted to share my recipe, while combines the best elements of all three. 


Bread (I used Gluten-Free Canyon Bakehouse Multigrain)



Olive Oil


Mustard Seed

Crushed Red Pepper

This recipe is super simple and whether it's a dinner, a snack, or a breakfast, it is satisfying beyond belief. I sometimes like to poach an egg and stick it on top! 

But first things first. Throw your bread in the toaster until golden brown.

Then get started on your avocados. Open them and take out the pit. It's usually about a half avocado for every slice of bread.

THEN SQUISH THEM! Because that's the fun part.

Then you want to season it all with your salt and lime. Pretty simple and tasty.

Then spread it all over your toast before drizzling it with oil and sprinkling red pepper and mustard seeds.

Slice it up and enjoy!

IF you want to see what outfit I wore to Cafe Gitane while in NYC, stay tuned for tomorrow. But for now, here's a sneak peek.