Artist In Residence

Runt The Runway and a few other brands have been kicking the term "Artist in Residence" around. It's been a phrase that I've been personally really drawn to. What makes an artist? By definition, it's a person who produces or creates art.  

Many of us are artists in what we do and create. We are artists in our own special ways. You just need to see yourself in that way. I think it's hard to claim an identity. I'm an actress. I'm a blogger. I'm a musician. I'm an artist. We fear people will hear, "I'm a waitress.", "I'm an assistant.", or "I'm a handyman." 


But at the end of the day owning who you are and what you want to be allows you to be able to create a world that supports that. Own who you are. People will either fall in line or they won't but at the end of the day, why bother with people who don't believe in you anyway?

Owning who you are may even give you the boost to wear white after labor day because after all, you're an artist, you're a badass. Break those rules. 

Jumpsuit: TIBI  |  Shoes: Kate Spade  |  Bracelet: LOVE, Amanda