@CaleyAlyssa teaches at Spot Yoga for Some NYC flow

For the past few weeks, I've been working with Spot Yoga in New York City (@spotyoga_co on Instagram), a new company that transforms rooftop spaces in NYC into yoga studios. An old friend invited me to go to a class, which I ended up loving so much that I asked them how I can become a member of their team. Lucky for me, the founders were on board with this and a beautiful new partnership was born.*

When I was in the city a few weeks ago, I asked if I could bring my favorite yoga teacher, @CaleyAlyssa, to come teach a class. She's the type of teach who walks into the class and immediately commands a bright, kind, soft attention. You don't feel like she's about to torture you with chair pose and downward dogs. Before I knew her, I felt her presence was more "wise, all-knowing best friend who is just here to give you a good work out." 

I invited two of my good friends Riva (@riva_g) and Ksenia (@breakfastcriminals) to join me at Wyndham Garden to sweat it out with Caley and SpotYoga.

Here is the cool thing about SpotYoga: It is rooftop/penthouse yoga. You enjoy the best views of the city, learn from amazing teachers (some of whom you already follow on IG), and get to see the city in a whole new way. You get a real yoga practice with a boutique experience.

Many of the girls were excited to meet Caley and had even worn Alo (her favorite brand) to show how much they loved her yoga style. We all really worked. Caley made us sweat. She made some of us retreat to child's pose (that was me, but hey, I was getting over mono) and made other's excel. I saw her give an alignment to a girl with never realized how deep she could actually get into her stretch.

The class started at golden hour so when it ended, the sky was filled with the most beautiful colors. We all took photos of the sunset while getting to know each other.  We played with the Periscope app and displayed a bit of acroyoga (acrobatics + yoga).

After the class, Riva, Ksenia, Caley and I went to chow down on some yummy food with the founders, Michael Lundberg and Ben Brenner, in Chinatown. It was a lovely end to my evening and my NYC trip.