Nashville to Memphis

Oh did not disappoint me. I could easily come visit a hundred times. We arrived around dinner time and met my "uncle" at a swanky joint called the Eastland Cafe for a quick bite. My "uncle" is a country rock musician who is normally touring so we got lucky that he was there. Then off to the bars we went in search of live music and a good time.

It was great to have a tour guide who not only knows the city, but is deeply entrenched in the music scene there. After a few beers, we ended up dancing to a rockin' band and playing many rounds of darts. It was some simple, joyful fun.

The next morning we had breakfast with our hosts before heading downtown to explore the city's main drag. We walked along Broadway and popped into a few stores selling Nashville outfit essentials: Cowboy boots and hats. As tempted as I was to pick up a pair of authentic fringe cowboy boots, I held myself to a few bandannas for the road ahead. Touristy as it was, it was still fun to take in some of the local energy before departing.

This day was New Year's Eve, and Kings of Leon was playing a free show later that night. If we were going to leave at all, we had to do it before the crowds came, so off we went. 

We made a quick stop in Memphis to grab some authentic Tennessee BBQ before heading off to Tulsa. I'm sure the city had much more to offer, but that will have to be an adventure for another time.