Allie Logan: The Millennial Answer To Homeware

Upon entering Allie's home on a Saturday evening, the lights are dim and the flickering candles waft something that smells like home, comfort, and friendship. With a bright smile and a giant hug, Allie greets me with a her tiny frame decked out in a sexy bodysuit and skirt. Minutes after walking in, I have received a homemade Margarita in one of the most beautiful glasses I've held.  I inquire about where to buy and she excitedly proclaims, "This is what I sell!" 

How did your Allie Logan Boutique come to be? Where did the idea come from?

I got it from my mama! Growing up, I would always accompany my mother to cute, little gift shops. She quickly became my design muse as I adopted her interest in home decor. When I was 12, we were building a new home in Austin, TX. I went to every design appointment and architecture meeting. I loved the art of decorating and began collecting items for my future home, calling it my "Hopeless Chest." Once it was time to move into my first apartment, I had already curated a small personal collection, each item unique and meaningful.

I work in TV Production and this past summer, during hiatus between seasons, I decided to turn my decorating hobby into a fun side business...which is how Allie Logan® came to be! I want to share all the accoutrements I have come across thus far that will add character, creativity, and charm to any home!

How did you find these artisans? 

I found artisans at flea markets, craft shows, and gifts that I received from my mother.  I fell in love with their products and expressed interest in expanding their demographic to a younger generation hoping to build their decor collections.  

What do you look for aesthetically when curating the pieces that will be brought to sale?

I love mixing aesthetics. I generally gravitate toward feminine/ shabby chic items and then pair them with industrial or modern furniture. I was raised in Texas, so I will always have an affinity for rustic decor as well. I try to find interesting products with great quality. It is important to focus on timeless pieces, rather than get caught up in trends.

I consider these pieces to be durable but delicate (in the sense that they are so beautiful). Was that a bit factor when bringing it all together?

Yes, I love items that are functional yet artistic. I like to treat every day like a “special occasion” with items that have casual elegance. Our products are also durable which makes for a great investment.

Adulting is one of my favorite "millennial" words and part of the reason I love your branding. It feels very targeted towards the late 20's demographic...Was that your intention and what made you think of it?

Absolutely. I wanted to target women in their 20s and 30s and encourage them to invest in unique, quality home decor. There are many stores out there that promote cheaply made, temporary items, which personally, I think is a waste of money. Your home is your haven...a reflection of yourself, so why not fill it with items that express who you are and that make you happy. I would rather invest in decor I love than buy something temporary because of my age. It is never too early to begin investing in nice home decor that can stay with you throughout the phases of your life. Build a collection slowly by purchasing one piece at a time. 


What are some of your tips for entertaining at home with these beautiful products?

I love playing hostess and in order to do so, you need to have home décor. 

-Always light candles 30 minutes before your guests arrive. (When you light a candle, measure the diameter in inches and burn it for that many hours. This will create an even burn.)

-Always have fresh flowers! 

-Always set the table with your glassware and dishware. Be creative! I love to mix match.

-Have appetizers and beverages ready upon your guests arrival. 

-Throw on your favorite tunes! I love the Thievery Corporation album, Saudade, for entertaining.


What is your favorite piece in the collection?

This is a tough question! You won’t find anything in my boutique that I wouldn’t own myself. I love everything. If I had to pick a favorite piece, it would be the “Delilah” Stemless Wine Glass by Rose Ann Hall Designs. This was the first item I owned out of all of my products. 


If you could entertain 3 guest (alive or dead) for your perfect dinner party or brunch, who would they be?

A lifelong passion of mine is comedy, so I would host a brunch with Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Steve Martin. 


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