The Holiday Season

With all the stress of the world and the holiday season, here are a few things I appreciate about this time of year:

1. Velvet, everything...obviously

2. Watching The Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve

3. Remembering Chanukah memories of my Grandma when I was a child. She always had these amazing ombr√© candles for the menorah that mesmerized me as a child. 

4. The idea of mistletoe

5. Old School Carols (no pop singers need apply)

6. Alternatively, Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas

7. The warmth of a fireplace 

8. The lights (this has nothing to do with Elie Gouldling, who I actually met recently)

9. My sisters' pajamas on Christmas morning (even if I have to Skype them to see it)

10. The hope that not the story of Jesus or presents but love can bring us all together. I could probably thank Love Actually for that one.

If you're having a rough go this holiday season, take a breath, and just think of one only need that one thing to make you smile a bit.

P.S - I have strep right now. If I can get through it, so can you!


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