Pits and Peaks of 2016

Looking over my year, I find both joy and sadness. It was definitely a year to remember. No matter what 2016 held, I look forward to the bright future ahead...but if you were wondering, this is what it held for me. 

January 2016:  

Peak: Visiting Santa Fe for the first time and discovering it is an absolutely magical place. 

Pit: Havinh to return to real life after driving across America twice in an epic road trip and getting quality time with siblings. 


Febuarary 2016: 

Peak: Spending Valentines in Palm Springs. I got to lounge by the pool, sip champagne, and eat a fair amount of chocolate. Not bad for a first visit.  

Pit: a few obscure and annoying health issues... C'est la vie!  


March 2016: 

Peak: One more cross the country RoadTrip and moving home to the east coast for a few months.  Oh, and one of my favorite photoshoots with Sophie Kuller. 

Pit: Oh, hi, winter weather...I forgot about you but I suppose we can try to work this out ambiably.


April 2016: 

Peak: Getting back into the NYC swing of things which included never being overdressed, getting deeper into my yoga practice, and finishing my sketches for my first collection for ShopIstoria.com 

Pit: It was still cold. I broke my toe. Also, strange adjusting to being around your family all the time.  


May 2016: 

Peak: Spending to weeks at my Dad's home in the Dominican Republic. Basically, lived in paradise and got to spend my birthday there. 

Pit: Leaving the Dominican Republic.... And my brother's epilepsy being really active


June 2016: 

Peak: Being cast in The Rituals, getting my body moving again, everyday moments, reconnect with old friends, and my first fabrics being delivered for ShopIstoria.com

Pit: Losing one of my favorite people in the world to a crazy accident 😔 



July 2016:

Peak: Spending loads of time with friends and family, discovering the beauty of hearing Marianne Williamson speak, and finishing the clothing line. 

Pit: Staying up till 1 AM and waking up at 7 AM to finish my clothing line. 


August 2016: 

Peak: You should probably check out my blog posts during that time but a month of freely roaming the UK. Getting to work with amazing friends to shoot the lookbook for the clothing line. 

Pit: Getting a concussion in Edinburgh. Getting supremely sick on the trip (BUT I WAS STILL THERE 😊) and my anemia acting up.  

September 2016

Peak: Rediscovering LA again when I moved back for work opportunities and learning how to make the city my own.  

Pit: Still being really sick and needing to figure out why I felt shit.




Peak: Launching ShopIstoria.com and having a wonderful launch party. 

Pit: The start of election getting real cray and America started to feel pretty divided.

November 2016:

Peak: Spending a lot of time focused on myself, setting intentions on who I want to be and what I want to achieve. It was a real month of introspection. Binge watching all the Harry Potter movies. 

Pit: Not being able to go home for Thanksgiving, DAPL, and the election. 

December 2016

Peak: Spending some pre-holiday time with friends. Meeting the Ferragnis and getting to know my longtime pen-pal Marina Di Guardo better. Creating new traditions as an adult for the holidays. Trip planning for 2017.

Pit: Being too sick to go to a friend's wedding, the madness of the world, the division of American, not making it home for the holidays, and the disaster of Aleppo.


AND WITH THIS, I say, Goodbye 2016! It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.