Homemade Feelings of Home

I made this vest years ago and it never really gets much use. I pull it out every once in a while and remember how much I love. I decided to do this french braids. I've been seeing them all over Instagram on everyone from Huda Beauty to the Kardashians. I love the look. Braids look so awesome. 

Growing pains... Life is a series of growing pains. Maybe we feel them in our legs as we grow taller or in our muscles as we become as adult. Maybe we feel them in our heart when leave our childhood home for college. Maybe we feel them in our soul when we've outgrown a place, a dream, an idea, or a relationship.

Recently, I wonder if I've outgrown LA or maybe I've  grown out of my ideas of success or what I want in my life or my ideas of what is happiness. Frequently, we are taught to be on a certain track and we don't take the time to ask what it is that we want.