Topanga Getaways & Musings

I like it here. I can hear the bullfrogs in the stream at the edge of our land croaking at night. I sit by fire pit, playing Tetris with logs as heat penetrates my face, and hear frogs. I, also, hear wind rustling through the trees which will occasionally startle my snoring Lab Collie mix. He opens his eyes, surveying the dark, before returning his 80 pound body back into my lap. 

I like it here. Not because it is peaceful. Peaceful is actually never very comforting to me but because it is a parting from a world I don't want to know right now. In the canyon, it is controllable but down there, I am in the midst of chaos. I am in the midst of opportunists, facades, con artists, and everyone else who forgot the importance of humanity. Up here, I don't have to question my safety or guard my heart so fiercely. I am free to muse about with romantic scenarios and the words of Neruda or Nin and I can kick the soccer ball around with Branson (my loyal pup) as my drooling, attending goalie. 

If I stay here, I can be me. Unguarded, open-hearted, the person from which I started. I can think of you as much as I want, about if love existed, or the years we persisted. I can think how the galaxies expand and the universe is vast and I loved you in all the years that passed. My mind will reel in many directions because up here I am free to be. Especially, on nights where it's just me, my snoring dog, and the good ole bullfrogs.