Omaha is NOT just about Steaks

The above title, is what I learned about Omaha. I am finally back from the long drive across the country. I have a really love stop in Omaha for lunch. It's actually a really cute city. I went down to the Old Market. The buildings reminded me of Meatpacking in NYC. It had the industrial made new again kind of flavor with little hidden gems around this section of the city.

 I ended up leaving with a really awesome sari material scarf and a few bindhi packs after munching on a breakfast for lunch special. I bought a few gluten free treats for the road. I honestly suggest that everyone drives across the country at least once.


All in all, it was very expensive and you really expand your view on what our country is at it's heart. I'm going to right a road trip essentials list. As you can see, I tried to spend a lot of time in leggings or other comfortable pieces. You don't want to be in your tight skinny jeans crammed in a car for 9 hours at a time.