My Road Trip Essentials

I've now driven across the country 3 times. People always ask me how I do it. The answer is, with preparation.

I love road trips. It can be spontaneous, with no flights to catch or connections to miss. You get to see so much more than you ever would have (let's face it, do I look like a Nebraska girl to you?). 

I'll admit. keeping up cool style, a healthy diet, and good spirits can be a challenge at times, but like I said: preparation. 

First things first. Stay hydrated. If you don't stay hydrated both your inside body and outside body (i.e. skin) will hate you. Between the long hours on the road and the A/C or heater blowing at you, water is essential. I buy a few big jugs of purified water and pour them into reusable bottles throughout the trip. This cuts down on the amount of times you need to stop (although it adds to how often you need to pee) and you never have to worry about the quality of the water.

Bring a Mini Medicine Cabinet. Yes, I mean it. During my trip from NYC to LA, I got a horrible kidney infection and without aspirin, left over antibiotics, and Dramamine, I would have never made it back to see my doctor. Plus, if you're like me, motion sickness is bound to kick in at some point. You may fall when hiking in Arizona and cut open your knee, and you'll be thankful for the Hydrogen Peroxide and gauze pads you brought.

Pack Healthy Snacks. Because SURPRISE but there weren't many Whole Foods in Iowa. I like to pack up shake mixes, both fresh and dried fruit, green juices, pre-chopped vegetables, and healthier corn chips or rice crackers. 

Work Out Essentials. You will find cool hikes that you will spontaneously want to do. You will find hotel gyms that look mighty appealing after being crammed into a car for many hours. It's important to pack your gear to make sure you are more than ready for whatever sweat session you manage to find.  I like that try to make my work out outfits cute because let's face it, you'll want photos.

Comfort is Key. You will want to take photos of your outfits on the road but avoid your skinny jeans or silk blouse because after a while you'll be longing for sweats. You'll want to keep your sartorial choices cool but be smart about it. Here's a few suggestions for any temperature: 

Bring some "Stay Sane" Essentials. The "stay sane" essentials include a variety of things that mostly are used to create some "me time" in a car of people and keep you feeling good about you. This would include luxurious skincare and headphones.