Nomadic Home & Sweatshirt Dresses

It's been taking more time than expected to settle in back on the East Coast. It's a strange feeling to come home to find so many things are changed but everything is still the same. It's hard to find that rhythm I once had when the rhythm has changed. By no means, did I expect everything to be the same. I'm not even the same.

Every place I live, every city I visit, every person I meet, changes me in one way or another. I come back to find that I can't be who everyone is expecting me to be. There is this disconnect that I am finding in a place I once called "home". I don't mean to get all "Garden State" with that last sentence but it is true. 

Maybe it's just me. Or maybe some of us are meant to be more nomadic. Maybe some of us don't like to settle in one place or there is just too much world to see before we are willing to. Maybe I don't need firm roots because where I go, my roots grow with me.