DO's and Don'ts of Being A Great Wedding Guest & Some Outfit Ideas

We'll talk style, but first, a few tips to being a great guest!

1. RSVP on time.

2. Speaking of on time, be on time.

3. No white, no nude, no white with prints... now with traditional weddings out the window, it means the bride may not be in complete white so avoid anything close it. 

4. Look at their registration. If you can't afford anything, see if another guest wants to split the price of the gift. Otherwise, feel free to give money even if only 20 dollars. It will be appreciated.

5. Ask if they need help with anything. Sure, there is a bridal party and planners and parents, etc. but there is always more to be done.

6. Don't drink too much or do anything that will encourage a scene or vomit.

7. Compliment the bride, the wedding, the ceremony. They will be worried that people aren't having fun or the food wasn't up to par, so reassure them.

8. Enjoy it! Go dance, have a laugh, etc. After all, the reception is a party!