Sundays In The Park With Fringe (nothing rhymes with George)

My family is a big priority in my life. This weekend was full of family as it was Passover. I made it through more Seders than I knew possible. 

But Sunday, I actually got to relax and hang out with my older sister. She is probably one of my best friends and closest adviser's on life. Whether it's my romantic relationships or financial guidance, she always has judgment free, wise advice. 

Now that all my siblings have children, it's harder to get days filled with one on one time. We managed to this weekend. Mostly, we just had lunch and walked around Central Park but sometimes that's all you need. 

I'm so grateful for these days. We may not have done anything adventurous or wild but we got to be with each other. In the end, that is all that matters. I hope everyone takes that sentiment with them because we don't know how many days we have on this earth so even the days of nothing mean everything. 

As far as my outfit, I guess you could say that, this American girl hasn't let go of that West coast, boho vibe quite yet.