Flight. Breathe. Stretch

Since the very bumpy touchdown in the Dominican Republic, I needed a good stretch. That was the first thing I did this morning before my day's journey began.

I am here for ten days (if I don't extend or travel elsewhere after) which is very long but feels like a good while. The island is so different than being back in the States. It's so different from other islands I've visited. 

I am here to see my Dad at his new home so this isn't the tourist experience. Even the first taste of the culture has opened my eyes and I have yet to truly begin. 

I feel grateful for tools like yoga because it allows you to return to a practice or a place where you will always have something familiar. It's like carrying a sense of home where ever you go. So, day one, rooftop yoga. 

This yoga set is from VIE ACTIVE. You can probably still find it on their website but if not, there are alternatives below.