Birthday Bikinis (Yes, it's my birthday)

Today is my birthday! Hello to another year of this wild life! Now, on to this post!!

The beach by our house in Puerto Plata is not really for tourists. It's clean and beautiful but it is kind of a hike down. I love it because it is hidden behind palm trees, bright green plants, and has amazing rock formations out in the water. 

We happened to be in Cabarete which is más turistico (yes, that is called bad Spanglish) so we checked out the beach. The water was bright blue and very warm. The wind was gentle and cooling. The sun was warm and turning me into a nice golden color. And, the vendors were OUT!

 I had never been on a beach with so many vendors in my entire life. Sure, in LA, we have the people shouting "Mangos! Frutas!" but not like this. First, I get offered a sun bed (not uncommon), then jewelry (okay, less common), fruit (well, duh), a fresh coconut (less common but yes, please), hair braiding (hold on a minute...never have I seen this but the Kardashians have been showing me some cute braid ideas lately), then finally a massage (so...this is what heaven looks like...)! I only sprung for the coconut water but I was certainly tempted.