High Vibes

Last night, I got to hear the wonderful Marianne Williamson speak. I felt so fortunate for it. How lucky am I to be able to donate money (that I'm lucky to have) to a cause where the sole purpose is to expand my level of consciousness.

I've been living in NY and LA for years, and it was through the hustle and bustle of this lifestyle that I realized I wasn't being fulfilled. I need to fill my spiritual gap. My friends led me to yoga, my anxiety led me to meditation and my critical thinking skills lead to me both my higher power and higher self. 

When I saw myself becoming I person without a higher self, caught up in ambition and material needs, I was deeply unhappy. I wasn't as kind. I started to feel like everything I did was worthless. But, I went forward because "everything you do in this world will be insignificant but it's very important you do it anyway." 

Since I began re-focusing on my spiritual self, I feel like a stronger and more self-assured person. This led me back to my higher calling, what I want, WHY, and what I wish to do for this world. For me, it's changing the world through art. It's using my voice to try to connect humanity, to help us realize that we are one race, that hate only breeds more hate and violence, and hopefully teach the world a thing or two about nudity, sexuality, and the worthlessness of shame around that. WHAT ARE YOU DRAWN TO?