Caped Crusades in St. Andrews

St. Andrews in Scotland is an incredibly lovable little city. It has the heart of Scotland with the quaint disposition of an English university town. It's one of the more charming cities I've been to with friendly, delicious restaurants, student priced alcohol, and history everywhere you turn.

While the look book from my first collection is mostly filled with fantastical images, we wanted to play around with street style looks as well. St. Andrews made for the perfect backdrop. The little alleyways covered in flowers inspired us to break out a cape from the collection and snap away. Natalie, Sophie, Will, and I worked together to create some magical images. I'm exploding with excitement to show you.

My other favorite activity is pretending that everywhere I went in St. Andrews was a date spot for William and Kate. This is where they had their first snog. This is where she got mad because he forgot their anniversary. This is where they sat for a chat when waiting for class to begin. This is their secret hideaway from the paparazzi. Oh man, they still think about this spot to this day. We definitely had a good laugh when we got to the coffee shop that advertises that Kate and William actually did go on dates there. I think my versions are much better, but whatever. :)