Welcome to Lallybroch

Do I have any Outlander fans out there? I would think so...and if you aren't an Outlander fan, I would suggest you start watching right away cause it is AMAZING. Either way, I ventured to Midhope Castle, fictionally known as Lallybroch. 

Midhope Castle is completely derelict but oh so beautiful. It takes an amazing team of set designers and props people to create the lush, welcoming home you see on TV. They can only shoot exteriors, as the inside doesn't have floorboards. You'd fall into the basement upon your first step into the castle.  

Midhope castle is located in Abercorn, about 35 minutes outside of Edinburgh. The overgrown wild flowers blowing in the wind as the birds chirped in my ear gave me such a relaxing atmosphere. I felt really connected to Midhope Castle. I felt so connected that I even went to the The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland archives at John Sinclair house to study up on how the castle looked in its former glory.