An Ego Soleil Day

 Shot by Sophie Kuller

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with Ego Soliel. After seeing how beautiful their clothing is and how comfortable it it is to wear, I knew if I wanted to share it with all of you properly, there was only one girl to shoot it. That fine lady is Sophie Kuller. 

The images Sophie shot speak for themselves. It wasn't a complicated set up, but between the beauty of the clothing and her eye behind the lens, it's easy to see how amazingly their clothing fits and feels. The thing I love about fashion is that it can be very transformative. Clothing can make you feel certain. It can make you feel ready for whatever you have to tackle on any given day. Not only do I feel confident, but I feel beautiful and powerful in Ego Soleil. 

While they currently have show rooms in LA, London, and New York, Ego Soleil is launching an e-commerce site starting tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about this. It means that no matter what city I'm in, I can have their stuff shipped to me for any event, party, or day around the city I may encounter!