5 Ways To Stay Calm NOW in America!

1. Know you can't do everything, but you can do something. It's far too much to put all of your effort with every single cause. Choose a few that and passionately dedicate yourself to them. And once you do, get out on the street. Make your signs! Know your battle cry! You are a part of something now. Even when it doesn't feel like it, your voice does make a difference. 


2. Vibe with your tribe! Your friends, companions, loved ones, dog, etc. will be there after the long days or the political heartbreaks, so keep them close. Now is not the time to hide away. Talk things out with people. Band together to join the "resistance." Or just crack open a bottle of wine and watch a movie that has nothing to do with politics, America, or anything even slightly stressful. Either way, keep your tribe around you. It will help immensely. 

3. Know when to disconnect. You really don't have to live in constant panic to make change. You just have to do your bit and then let go. You did what you could. Keep doing what needs to be done, but give yourself a mental break every day. Whether it's meditating, working out, or binge watching your favorite programs, you deserve time to disconnect. The fight against negative energy is real. You don't want to constantly live in that headspace.


4. Donate! It makes a difference. Donations were massively important in stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline (the first time). People donated clothes, fresh water, food, tents, etc... Those protesters could not have stood on the front lines of the environmental fight without the support of people around the country. Your money matters!

5. Be filled with gratitude. The fact that these changes scare you means you have much more than others! Keep a gratitude journal. Remind yourself everyday why you are fighting. I fight for the safety of myself and everyone I know. I fight for my right to speak out. I fight for my right to travel freely. I fight for my right to not be religious but believe in god. I fight for my right to my body. I fight for the freedom to do anything I dream of.