Resolved For No Resolutions

Every year I hear empty promises of sober Januarys, new training routines, meals plans, and the many other New Year Resolutions people swear they'll stick to. For the past few years, I've taken the approach of not setting any resolutions at all. While I think goals are admirable, a date of the calendar won't change your lifestyle or commitment level.


I believe losing weight, upgrading your health or simply having more in your savings requires a true change in lifestyle. If you really want that for yourself, you don't need to wait for a date to do it. You can choose any day and just start. How does December 27th or April 10th differ from January 1st? The pressure of a resolution is complete bullshit. Just decide to be your happiest self even if that means you binge drink on weekends and would rather eat donuts than go to pilates. More power to you. Maybe that's not your healthiest self but if you accept that than who am I to judge? 

I have my vices. I have the worst sweet tooth. I curse far too much. I'm incredibly bitchy at times. I don't always make it to my work outs 5 days a week (in fact, I'll go a month without a work out sometimes). I still fall for my brother's annoying pestering even though I'm far too old. I even occasionally say "fuck meditation" because I feel like being self loathing.  But that isn't everyday. 


My point is that the whole concept of New Year's Resolutions is completely arbitrary. To make a real difference in the important ares, you have to change your lifestyle as a whole, which is something I've been working on for over a month. I've been focusing on my health, getting back into the gym, nourishing my relationships, starting my dream company, all with the goal of building my dream life. But 2018 arriving is just a reminder that time is moving, not that I'm meant to be anyone other than who I am.