Digital Detox (Sort Of)

For the past month, I have been on a digital detox. This is actually quite timely as Selena Gomez discussed similar feelings to Vogue in this months issue. 

I gave my Instagram and Twitter over to a friend. It wasn't easy. I was definitely concerned about feeling out of touch. I thought I would miss so much and feel like I didn't know what was going on in the world.

What actually happened was that I felt a huge relief after getting past the first day. I was able to be much more in touch with things happening in the world, be it a new policy Trump ordered or fashion week coverage. I chose the level of interaction with the outside of world I wanted to have. It was so refreshing. I knew that I had a feed full of other people's content: dream vacations, catwalks, artsy selfies, and oh so many memes, but it wasn't my problem. If someone didn't like my photo, not my problem. If a pair of shoes I wanted were a Boomerang dancing on my feed, not my problem. The need I felt to be elsewhere was gone.

I noticed the change in my constant need for something more. The ambition based off of wishing I had the lives of others seemed to disappear. I didn't need to be at those parties or events. I didn't need to get more followers. I didn't need to go on a vacation. I just needed to be present in my life. I noticed that even though the app wasn't on my phone, I would go to sign on and check my notifications way too often. I started to wonder if Instagram had become like a nervous tic. Maybe the dopamine loop of constant instant gratification had severely changed my day to day life. 

Excerpt from Selena Gomez's Vogue Interview

Excerpt from Selena Gomez's Vogue Interview

I started to live more in the moment. I stopped leaving my phone on the table during dinners and noticed how everyone else did. I started to check the time more than an app. The amount of editing on my photos dropped without any comments but my own in my ear. I actually started to listen to myself more. If I felt like going for a hike, great. I didn't snap a story during the hike. If I didn't feel like going out, I wasn't going to leave my Netflix and Chill zone. 

Overall, I suggest that everyone give this a try. I must admit that I'm not keen on the idea of going back to social media. As Macklemore once said, "when I lose perception, have to go to a place that I lose reception."