The Lifestyle of Beauty

Some of my beauty habits may be a bit high maintenance, and I'm okay with anyone who reads this thinking that. But frankly, I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. My approach to beauty is a bit more "Goop" than "Huda Beauty," and that's because I believe beauty comes from the inside. And by "the inside," I mean Eco-friendly products, a happy belly, and a happy body, because if you ate your highlighter, your poop would just be lit.


I made this lifestyle change after I looked in the mirror one morning to see small lines on my forehead and dark circles under my eyes. Hold up, I'm 26 and I won't stand for this shit because at the end of the day, I'm vain as fuck. I'm also lazy, so spending 20 minutes to cover up my "imperfections" would take away from the workout I would theoretically be doing with that time.

Here are my steps to my pretty manageable beauty routine.

Step One: Look at photos of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and wonder why she is perfect, then remember she has a dermatologist. And not just any dermatologist, but Dr. Nigma Talib, who wrote a book about how your diet affects your skin. Turns out late night ice cream binges are not the secret to that celebrity glow. Instead, do your best to cut out gluten, dairy, alcohol, and sugar. Well, God already told me that eating gluten equates to multiple mysterious illnesses in my body, so I broke that habit in college. Alcohol and I haven't been friends since my favorite comforter never smelled the same again guessed it: COLLEGE! But cheese, well cheese and I have been friends since it came with a box of macaroni and grilled between two slices of gluten. So I now moderate my cheese intake, though there is NOTHING like a good cheese plate to get me to actually show up to a party. As far as sugar, I made myself a mantra, "sugar feeds cancer," which I try to stick by. But sugar is my shitty ex-boyfriend that I call whenever my day is bad because I know he'll give me attention when really I'm just needy. Luckily, I've convinced myself that chocolate with over 70% cacao wasn't poisonous. Who knew? Well, clearly, people with glowing skin. 

Step Two: "Treat Yourself" should never be said sarcastically. I am not one for the whole indulging myself because I feel as though it's...just kidding, I have no reason other than my bank account. About a year and a half ago, I had mono (don't ask me how) and I swear my system has been off since then. I'll retain fluid in my face and get really puffy. I've been to a bunch of doctors and they've explained how mono affects your lymphatic system, which is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste, and unwanted material. I turned to lymphatic massages to drain my system both at home (YouTube will help you out) and at the spa. Yeah, this is a bit indulgent but don't I deserve it? I mean, I make it to auditions at least once a week. No more puffy eyes. It also helps my sinuses stay clear. It relaxes my face to have a similar effect to Botox. Yeah, take that forehead lines. 

Step Three: Trust your celebrity blogger friends. Even with some positive changes, I was still not feeling my skin. Maybe because I wanted it to be baby soft with Gisele's glow while maintaining a prepubescent texture. So I texted my friend Caroline all like "Girlllllll my lashes need love. My skin just needs a warm safe environment outside the womb to age gracefully." To which, with no reaction to how bizarre that text was, she said, "Go to Skin Worship. Ask for Madison." Well, alrighty, let's give it a go Madison. Not only does this chica hook up my lashes (see below) but after two weeks after using their facial products, I had the "just throw on some tinted lip balm" life I was looking to live. When it came to redness, irritation, dryness, newly formed elasticity that causes wrinkles, my skin followed Beyonce's lead with a strict "Boy bye!" 


Step 4: Doctors Orders! I went and ran a bunch of tests after seeing a photo of myself compared with one from a few weeks ago. Within that short time, I had lost a lot of fat in my face and under my eye had a sickly blue tint. I took a lot of Xanax and allowed the doctor to remove precious blood from my body. Turns out, I had a major vitamin D deficiency. The moral of this story is simple: get your required vitamins. I now take a lot of vitamin D and many other supplements, and focus on what vitamins I receive from what I put in my mouth. Superfoods are friends, n̶o̶t̶ and food. I even bought products that don't taste good, but make my body all happy. It definitely reversed my zombie appearance every morning back to my normal overtired, ethnically ambiguous woman.

Step 5: I got really into doing good things for the earth. Thanks to the water warriors, I stopped being like "oh but I'm just an innocent girl who wants a healthy planet but is not really doing anything about it". I looked for eco-friendly changes I could make in my daily beauty routine. I switched to organic, sustainably produced make-up lines, although admittedly with a few cheats here and there. If I had my way, I'd be all lashes and red lips everyday. Throw in the occasional cat-eye and I'm a happy beauty gal. I feel like my spirit human Emma Watson and I could have a really amazing conversation about this, but I'm not a great stalker so I'll keep you updated on if that ever happens. We're both really into RMS Beauty, which, as it turns out, so is my skin hero Gisele. Win all around. But places as accessible as The Body Shop have great all natural products (not certified organic though). My biggest rule is to avoid palm oil because I really love orangutans. I have no joke to make on this subject because I really love them and we're destroying their homes through deforestation of palm trees.  

Step 6: Last stop on our tour of Rachael's world of beauty...I do get lash extensions. I find it a pain to wear mascara everyday and I don't want to deal with a lash curler. I'm literally one sneeze away from the hospital when a lash curler is within a foot of me. Instead, I leave it up to the professionals. It's pretty common in LA for women to have lash extensions, but in the real world, it's quite the indulgence. Regardless, it saves me time every day. If my skin is looking happy and my lashes are full and long, then with a swipe of tinted lip balm (or if I'm feeling super saucy a red lip), my mission has been achieved: simple, healthy, no-heavy-product, beauty routine.