Under Construction

Hello Darlings,

You know what crushes me inside? The idea of not doing my best work. And I feel like myself and my "team" (AKA a group of friends who help out) haven't been doing out best work recently. There are a lot of reasons we aren't functioning on all cylinders, but it's time we stopped. As I see it, this blog as transformed many times over the last few years, but we never fully embraced the idea that it is no longer a "style blog." In fact, it's been about two months since we posted a photo of an outfit I wore. It's time to embrace the daunting idea of becoming a lifestyle blog. In order to fully achieve this goal, it means we must take a breath, focus, and start (sort of) anew.

So for now I say, see you later! We will be back in a few weeks with a better, stronger, and hopefully more useful blog; one of which I feel proud to be the founder and happy to spend my time and energy to create. If you have any ideas or hopes for the next stage of this website, please let us know. I imagine a space where we can talk travel, food, love, mental illness, well-being, yoga, romance, tips, quizzes, fashion...really anything our hearts desire, under a new name. Let this be the place where the nomadic, stylish, loving, weird souls come together. 

Until then,