Q&A with No Tummy Mommy

I've been follow Trisha Enriquez from No Tummy Mommy for a while now. She's fun. She's smart. She's charming. She's got a rocking body, a lot of wisdom, an adorable sidekick and a serious mission. Still back and watch her take over the world. Trisha has seriously inspired me to to view health and fitness in new ways. She inspired the future parent in me to think about how I'm going to introduce health and fitness to my children. Today, we're catching up with Trisha and her hearing about her amazing fitness brand.

What is and what started the No Tummy Mommy revolution your life?

I have always been involved in health and wellness, but it was when having my daughter that my perspective on fitness changed. It went far beyond the physical and aesthetic reasoning; she gave me a reason to want to be healthy and live longer. I also found joy in helping other moms feel good about their postpartum bodies.

Why is it so important?

No Tummy Mommy is all about building a healthy lifestyle with your family and creating habits that can last for years.

How has your life changed since starting your brand?

I am just BUSY! I also work a 9-5 job, so I really have to manage my time. It has also taught me to be more aware of how I spend my time and to prioritize my schedule.

Working out truly is the recipe for a happy and healthy life. Tell me about the difference between working to improve your life versus losing weight?

Working out releases so many good endorphins and when I feel good about my health, I’m a happier mother as a result. My family benefits from the positive effects of exercise and that trumps the number on the scale any day!

Where do you draw inspiration?

I have a lot of mommy friends and speaking to them about their struggles helps me better understand what to write about or talk about to provide value to all the moms out there.

I love the way that you include your daughter. It's clear that teaching her positive body image is so important. Can you tell me a few of your "mommy rules" when it comes to body image?

We always talk about how working out makes us strong and healthy. We refer to having more energy after exercise and how this relates to being happier.

What do you hope to see changing when it comes to the idea of women's body standards in the world?

I hope that we can start to be more kind to ourselves. I hope that mothers, especially, can give themselves time to heal, recover and embrace their beautiful postpartum bodies.

You have a 4 week challenge, tell me the process of writing it and what you're excited about?

The program is available now for purchase. It’s such an awesome way for a mom to get her feet wet with No Tummy Mommy. It provides a home workout routine and easy-to-follow meal plan. Additionally, there are tools to help a mother continue on this journey even after the 4 weeks. The feedback so far has been positive and I just love that mothers learn how to build healthy habits that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

 There's a quote I love that says "when you do things from your soul, people really dig that shit." So, what is your core message that you'd want people to take away from your work as the "no tummy mommy".

I have always loved the quote: “Everything You Want is Already Yours”. This speaks to me on so many levels – it reinforces the importance of gratitude (my #1 rule), as well as the power of the mind. When someone is truly motivated to change their life, they will. This leads me to my second favourite saying, “The Mind is Everything”. No Tummy Mommy was built on these two messages.