Emoji Women Red in LES

I recently added a new accessory to my Pop and Suki bag. Just a little positive affirmation to cheer up my day. Traditionally, these keychains are meant for photos  but I think this is an even sweeter use of the accessory. 


 I spent the other day wandering around the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  This is the neighborhood where my blog was born. This was the neighborhood where I first lived like an adult and shared my first apartment with her boyfriend.  I got two of my favorite tattoos here. This neighborhood feels more like home than most places I've lived.


 I have a city guide of my favorite spots on the side of town but I think I need to make a new one or refresh the old one as so many cool places have opened up in the last few years. I love coming home to find out that it's  becoming bigger and better.  I love to find out that my favorite restaurant owners and shopkeepers are thriving in a neighborhood that still gives a discount to those who live there.