Privacy Please...

Privacy Please is the designer of this maxi dress. I love that name for a brand. No offense to their name but this dress deserves to be shown off. 

However, I did get a bit of privacy this week while in Long Island Wine Country. It was so beautiful to lounge in the sun as the wind sent ripples through the skirt of my dress. I tried local wines, ate more cheese than I should have, and felt truly away from the hustle and bustle.

At 21, you couldn't keep me out of the city. Weekends to anywhere else that wasn't the beach were met with pouts, moans, and eye rolls. But as I get older, I really cherish the quieter sounds of upstate New York. The small towns and the friendly neighborhood vibes seem relax me in a way that I never understood when I was young. 

That being said, I'm still a city girl through and through. The question is, which city?