Slowing Out Of City Life

Maybe it's a product of getting older but I'm finding the urge to live and be in a city constantly less important. It used to be that you couldn't drag me out of Manhattan. Now, I really appreciate the ability to drive into the city when I want or need to but I can  easily do a quick hike and get out in nature. 

Maybe it's that I've lost almost all interest in the "in crowd" or being part of "the scene" and really feel happy in my comfies at the end of the night versus in my Manolo's trying to use espresso to make it to closing time. 


In fact, the idea of the "in crowd" has started to completely make me snooze. The coolest people are the ones who are genuinely themselves and don't care about what other people think. I really want to be surrounded by the people who say "do you" with no resentment and total respect that I really enjoy being a blogger, a wife, a friend, a dog mom, and a dreamer. I don't need to be in any space other than the one I'm in.