Getting Over The Summer Cold

Getting Over The Summer Cold

I'm currently suffering from the cold/flu that absolutely will not quit. It's such a bummer. I want to go play outside, walk the dog, chase my nephews about, and skip through New York city in search of free air conditioning. BUT, doing any or all of those activities makes me feel like passing out, mainly because I can't breathe through my nose. 

*Postive Thought* Thank you summer cold for making me slow down a bit and really treat myself. With all of this said, here are a few of my remedies for the summer cold.

1. Fluids. Drink up and try to flush that nasty bugger out of your system. Between the heat and your system using everything it can to get better, you have to stay super hydrated. Since I am a self-proclaimed water snob, I went out and bought a giant three gallon bottle of alkaline, electrolyte water. 

2. Supplements. Yes, we need to take them everyday but up your vitamins. Add new thinks to the mix like extra zinc and vitamin C. Try astralagus which is considered to be nature's virus killer. I don't know how much scientific research is around that one but I used it when I have mono and recovered much faster than most people. 

3. Take bee pollen or propolis extract. Let's rule out that it's not an over enthusiastic allergy season by taking something that helps with high counts of pollen. If it isn't a cure all, well, studies say that it does have some immunity building properties. I take a product called Bee Prepared by Unbeelievable Health. It's a product of the UK but it's all natural and I love it. It fixed me right up when I was down with the flu in London last year. 

4. Sweat it out. I'm not saying go to hot yoga because that sounds miserable to me right now (though I have been working out) but sauna or a both bath. I've been taking a hot bath with rose and lavender salts. At the very least, it's been really relaxing and helping my congestion. 

5. Sleep. I know staying in bed insist ideal when the sun is shining bright but it's what you need. Let your body rest. Take a nap if you can. Try meditating if you aren't a napper. Just slow down and get those healing vibes moving. 

6. Switch one meal with something cleansing. Switch your lunch with a green juice or just do a day cleanse. Again, the goal is to just get all the bad stuff out of your system while filling yourself up with healthy, vitamin filled nutrients and micronutrients. This will get your body back to health.