Busy Blessings

I've had the busiest but most wonderful week or so...I've been working really hard on my YouTube channel! Please go and subscribe HERE! I gave myself the rather lofty task of creating about 20 videos in July and I'm committed to making that happen. Basically, it means that you will have something to watch almost every day of July. 


It's really exciting especially because I feel like for the first time in a long time, I am being a vehicle for change. I have been actively fighting my negative feedback loop and really trying to achieve the life I want. This doesn't mean money or fame or even material things. It is really about living a healthy and positive life. Appreciating life and all of the moments I have. It actually means less consumption and more mere presence. It means more creating, more building, and more creativity. I feel as though I'm attracting really beautiful things into my life. I've been reading "You are a Badass" and it's a life changer. Go pick it up!