5 Times Self Love Will Be Your Best Friend

We're always chatting about self love and how important it is, but we rarely talk about why it's important...because it seems pretty obvious.

And it is obvious, at least until your self love is being tested and all your insecurities are shouting "You're unlovable!" But then self love comes up like, "Hold up, bitch...I'm actually here and we're perfect as we are." And BAM! You may have tears but suddenly, you feel a little less broken and you feel a cozy blanket of love that you want to share with the world. The way you see the world is a bit different and your inner warrior of love feels armored. 


1) Social Media

Woah, those abs, that vacation, the views in Iceland...why don't I have those things? Your ex's new girlfriend...she's so pretty. I don't even care that he lips are fake. Her face is perfect. Are you feeling shit yet? Don't worry, we have all been there. Science has already proven that Instagram is one of the worst things to happen to our brains since...well, it's hard to say when, since my country has an orange president. Comparison is our enemy, but self love will remind you that you are perfect as you are. Life will open up the way it's supposed to, and your actual life is way cooler than the voyeurism of watching over people live theirs (though you should keep watching mine haha).

2) When You're Run Down

Long days at the office, cramming meals in, using coffee as your H2O replacement, and then killing yourself at SoulCycle is your week. Then finally it's the weekend...and all your friends want to drink martinis at the club tonight. That's when self love is like, "That's hilarious. It's time for your ass to sit on the couch and take a time out. Put on those PJ's and know that tomorrow night can be epic if you get some damn sleep and go to your morning yoga class." Self love can be a bit like your mom at times, but something has to regulate us from being overworked, underslept, alcohol-filled zombies who survive on power bars and dry triple-shot cappuccinos.


3) Break Ups

It's all your fault or it's all his fault. But either way, if you just did this differently or if you were like this person...but self love says "just shut the fuck up (with love)." You are exactly who you are and you are a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time. Someone's inability to care for you in the way you want doesn't diminish your worth. So cry it out, but don't tear yourself up. Want to make improvements? Want to change your lifestyle? Go for it. Make yourself happy. But do it for you, and remember to love yourself. 

4) Your Job

You work hard. You are on top of your shit. You're basically what a Drake song is about...grinding all day, hitting the gym, drinking green juice. You show up the office dressed like a boss even though you got those pants on sale at Zara and not at Harrod's. It doesn't matter because your PowerPoint is ready and you presented the best possible strategy for your company. But wait...you want a promotion or a raise? Oh, hi, self-love is here to help. It's saying, "Know your worth." Didn't you give this company 4 years of loyalty and save them money with your brilliant idea a few months ago? Yeah, you did, so ask for what you feel you deserve. Worst case scenario, they say no. Best case scenario, you get what you want. Middle case scenario? They admire your ambition and say they'll keep it in mind. You present the fact that you know your worth. You put your intentions into the universe, and made your boss put you on the short list for something wonderful.


5) When Loved Ones Are Down

People get sick, people go through break-ups, people pass and at times, you will be the one others count on to help them through it all. But how do you give them support without completely draining yourself? Self love! If you are making sure that you are constantly refilling your own reserves, then you have plenty to share. You will be able to be there for someone else because you are there for yourself. If you don't love yourself, how can you truly love others?