30 Isn't Dirty

At least, it's not a dirty word or number. You can be as dirty and naughty as you want. I have mentioned before that I love getting older as I learn more, become more confident, and feel more in control of my life. But a lot of people I know cringe at the idea of turning thirty (or even just the mention of the word). Maybe I’m just a hopeful 28-year-old, but I’m looking forward to when I have those extra two years of life on me. I can’t imagine how much more I will have learned or what kind of growth I will have had.


I’ve seen the beginning of 30+ style Instagram accounts and the continuation of people moaning about being 30 and single. Well, if you hate being single, your age doesn’t matter. It will suck at 20, 26, 45, etc. With modern technology and medical advances, you have 85+ years to find the “one,” so let’s all relax. Also, maybe if you stop worrying about it, you’ll make more room in your brain to just welcome it in.

As far as 30+ style Instagram accounts, I’m sorry, but I think it’s a tad bit of bullshit. I can understand that our bodies change a lot from 20 to 30, but there shouldn’t be a rule book for what’s appropriate for 30+ year old women. It’s an antiquated deadline for marriage or youth.


30 should be the new 21. You’re still young, you’re smarter, you know how to dodge “fuckboys” like a Kardashian does a stable man, you have more income, and you actually know what you want you are doing with your life. What an amazing place to be in life!

No one should be telling you how to dress. Embrace the change in your body. Embrace the new age. Don’t feel you need to be different, more polite, more modest. I know a bunch of 30-year-olds who are absolutely killing the game. Yeah, we don’t all have a six pack and supermodel legs after 25, but that doesn’t mean we have to wear blouses and the “right” skirt length for our age. Don’t be a number. Be yourself. If you let you age define you, you will never know how to just enjoy the rest of your life after your 20’s.


Can we all just say it together…“Sorry Society, but women don’t become dried up, wrinkly, boring, unattractive sacks of shit after 30. Actually, we become smart, individual, not falling for your crap bad ass bitches.” Okay, glad we all cleared this up…so let’s stop pouting about age. Let’s instead redefine what 30 means.

I’m looking at ladies like Chiara Ferragni and hoping 30 means my life is truly just beginning as well.