I'm Over Street Style

Street style was recognized in publication through the immortal Bill Cunningham, but really skyrocketed to popularity about 10 years ago when bloggers started having seats at fashion shows and Leandra Medine coined the phrase "arm party." Who didn't love street style? Who wasn't clamoring to post a cool photo of themselves on a cobblestone street in a fly outfit?


Now, everyone has an Instagram account and a nice-enough camera. Walking around NYC, there is a girl with a photographer on every corner. The accumulation of Instagram likes has started to run everything, and street style went from self-expression to "how can I monetize my photos?"

The original point of street style was that fashion is a form of speaking without words. Fashion was how you proclaimed who you were at just a glance.


I feel like it's made me become hesitant to present my style via street style. I feel myself leaning more towards editorial style photos. I feel myself wanting to find locations, act as my own creative director and create a world rather than throw on products and step into everyday life. I know some of my followers don't like this. They don't feel it's authentic, but I counter by saying neither is street style anymore. To me, creating an image out of a dream is more real than me throwing on an outfit I couldn't last a whole day in and standing in the cold. 


Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop accepting sponsored posts, but I am going to try to curate either fantasy shoots (if it's a gown) or shoot something stylish at my desk or comfy at my house. I will either shoot my real life or the creative vision in my head. To me, that is more authentic than pretending I walked about London in a cocktail dress in the snow. Let's face it, I was in jeans and a sweater.