The Best Part Of Getting Older

People are always stressed about "growing up" or hitting 30, but I'm absolutely buzzing about it. I am still 2 years away from the big 3-0, but each year I feel more powerful and in control. The best part of getting older is choosing to live whatever kind of life you want.


I live a fairly balanced life over all. I don't drink or party too much but I also am not a hermit. I have friends who spend maybe one night home a week and I have friends who barely leave their own home. But both are right. It's the most brilliant thing about being an adult. You find that there is no right way to live, and if you're around someone who insists it be one way, you can just stop being their friend. It's kind of awesome to control your space and surroundings like that.


Recently, I've been really focused on the idea of fully owning who I am and not comparing myself to others, but also keeping people of a similar mentality around me. My mantra lately has been "be the most positive person in the room." It's been serving me well, and I've had a lot of work oppurtunities approach me due to my "cheery, excited outlook". 

I find myself "nesting". Trust me, no baby is on the way, but I'm constantly growing and expanding. I want to do that in a place that feels light, airy, zen. I sage the bad vibes away, abuse my Jo Malone candle, keep fresh flowers, and have a yoga mat always unrolled in the living room. It's funny how much of a block just unrolling a yoga mat can be to using it. With it there, I stretch or throw little planks into my day without any real thought.


I feel like I am able to completely control my space, which brings me comfort against the idea that I can't control all aspects of life (which of course I can't). No matter what comes my way, I can handle it in my way, in my style, with my panache, which keeps me feeling grounded. I suppose that's what this all comes down to...feeling grounded. By controlling who or what influences my life, I find myself a lot more grounded. 

What keeps you grounded and helps you own your space?